Interra Mini 6.5″ Touch Panel – Android


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The new generation touch-panel Imini opens the doors to a new lifestyle of housing. By providing more control, Imini meets you to a simpler life. Will be a significant helper with its features by having building communication applications (intercom and concierge services), messaging management, and receiving announcements.

Imini means the new control unit to all smart building technologies. All functions such as light on/off or dimming, curtain-blinds control or controlling the room temperature can be performed with ease.
New user interface provides automatic time-control functions programming or comprehensive scenario managing. Imini enters our life by bringing different perspective with its vertical design and unlike its name it provides numerous attributes.
Carrying the latest product to life with its simple interface, the product can be used effortlessly for each age group.
This creates great satisfaction in terms of the appliers; it can be comfortably mounted with double standard electrical boxes. By its slim design and stylish appearance it pleases architects.


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