Interra 10,1” i4 Touch-Panel


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Interra 10,1” i4 Touch-Panel, the choice of the ones in search of a product that inherits hardware, software and interface capable of responding all projects with a modern design, is able to be used in every kind of space and surface. This system that provides the most convenient solutions to all needs in smart-buildings combines comfort with ease and creates difference. Power Supply : 12 V 1.2A Power Consumption : 3 W (nominal) – 10W (max) Cpu : ARM® Cortex?-A7 Dual-Core 2 x 1.2 GHz Memory : Min 1 GB DDR3 Storage : Min 8 GB with EMMC (sandisk) disc technology KNX : Certificated by OS : Android 4.2.2 / Linux (Debian / Ubuntu / Fedora / Linaro ) USB : 2x USB-HOST with USB2.0 spec, 1xUSB-OTG RTC : System includes RTC with CR1220 battery SDCard : Standard SD-TF card connector up to 64Gbyte storage Ethernet : 100Mbps USB WIFI : Supported


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