An easy way to fulfill requests of a modern KNX customer

The most advanced and user friendly mobile app for KNX users via Apple HomeKit
Integrate AV, intercom, and security systems with KNX in a single sleek mobile app
Offer really smart features like voice control and geofencing
Let customers adapt their automations through a friendly automation app
Fastest visu setup on the market and secure remote access for programming via ETS

Connect your KNX home to any of these assistants

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Get access to exclusive partner prices, order in bulk and increase your margin.

Manage projects in one place

Have all your 1Home customers in one place, check diagnostics, connect remotely if needed.

Stay up to date

Partner dashboard is also a place where we communicate all product news and relevant partner information.

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For both Android and iOS users

Voice control is the coolest feature of a KNX or Loxone smart home

With geofencing you can trigger automation based on location

A geofence is an invisible boundary, a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. For example, with geofencing you can create triggers so that when a device enters or leaves the pre-defined boundaries, a device turns on. This way a nicely lit house can await you when you come back from work.

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For iOS users

No more hassle in integrating AV, intercom, and security devices with KNX.

+ There are thousands of Apple HomeKit-supported IoT devices that can be integrated.

More than just mobile app control

HomeKit Secure video

HomeKit Secure Video, available on iOS 13.2 and later, leverages Apple’s iCloud service to securely stream and store video clips from compatible third-party indoor and outdoor cameras and doorbells. Activity notifications come directly through the Home app and include thumbnails to provide a quick glimpse of what’s been detected.


Secure remote control

Home security footage keeps one of the most sensitive information in your home. You want to make sure that the footage is only seen by the people you allow. Apple HomeKit offers a Secure Video for your cameras which prevents anyone from seeing the camera footage except for you, even Apple. Videos are analyzed locally on your HomeKit hub located in your home. Only important bits are stored in iCloud for you to see, all end to end encrypted.


Runs even without the internet

Both KNX and Apple HomeKit run completely locally, if you lose access to the internet, your smart home will continue to work uninterruptedly. The only time HomeKit needs to send data outside of your home is when you want to access your home remotely or when it needs to better understand your voice commands

Let customers create their own automation so you can focus on closing new projects.


To create an automation, you first have to configure a starter


After that, you can select devices or scenes that you want to control once the trigger is fired

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Book a live demo with
our partner manager

Our partner manager will showcase you our product from setup to usage and answer any questions you might have.
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For Android users

Thousands of integrations that customers can manage themselves without breaking your KNX installation

Complement your BUS home with Smart Assistant supported wireless devices


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